Apartments & Condos

Association Pool Gate Access ControlThe Guardian II stand-alone access control system is a perfect fit for a variety of installations within apartment and condominium complexes.  From the pool to the game room, the Guardian II system is the ideal choice for any shared area that could benefit from an access control system.  All doors/entrances can be administered from a single admin kit.  This, along with the Guardian II system’s stand-alone design make it easy to start out by controlling just a few doors or gates and then expand over time as your budget permits.  The audit trail feature of the Guardian II system allows the administrator to monitor who attempted to and who gained access to an area and when.

Get Paid On-Time!

The Guardian II access control system can be the key to on-time payments from your tenants.  With the Guardian II system, each tenant is given an electronic user key that identifies them at all controlled access points, such as public areas like the pool, game room, laundry room, etc.  Since a user’s rights are easily changed within the Guardian II software, you can lock out keys that are reported lost or those of tardy payers.  Users who are behind in their rent payments are much more likely to pay when they realize that they no longer have access to the pool, laundry room, game room, etc.  Not only can the Guardian II access control system increase the security of your shared areas, it can also help you increase on-time payments from your tenants.  With no network cables or communication wire needed, the stand alone Guardian II system is a great fit for both new or existing buildings.  Installation is as easy as applying power (9-12 VDC/VAC) the Guardian II controller and connecting the controller’s relay output to an electric strike, magnetic lock, or other lock mechanism.  See the Learn what you can do with Guardian II section for a complete outline of capabilities.

Access Control Applications: Apartments & CondominiumsTypical Access Control Applications

In Apartments & Condos:

  • Building Entrances
  • Pool Gates
  • Exercise Room Doors
  • Game Room Doors
  • Party Room Doors
  • Laundry Room Doors
  • Garage Entrances
  • Other Shared Areas

Download the Guardian II brochure on applications at apartment buildings and condominiums to learn why the Guardian II system’s stand-alone design is ideal for remote access points common in apartment buildings.  Find out how the Guardian II system’s powerful software can limit users’ access to the pool to published pool hours.  Learn how the software’s auto-unlock feature can automatically lock and unlock the laundry room doors (for example) each day.  You can also see how easy it is to invalidate the keys of former residents who fail to return their building keys.