Commercial Facilities

Facility Door AccessThe Guardian II stand-alone access control system is an ideal solution for a variety of installations within commercial facilities.  From the entrance door to the shipping door, and many points in between, the Guardian II system fits the bill.  All controlled access points can be administered from a single PC running the Guardian II software.  The audit trail feature of the Guardian II system allows the administrator to monitor who attempted and who gained access to secure areas and when.

With no network cables or communication wires, the Guardian II stand-alone access control system is a good fit for both new construction and for retrofitting existing buildings.  Simply apply power (9-12 VDC/VAC) to the Guardian II controller and connect its relay output to an electric strike, magnetic lock, or other lock mechanism.

Control and know who attempts/gains access to secure areas!

Users of the Guardian II system are issued a rugged electronic user key that conveniently fits on a key chain.  These electronic memory keys are what users present to identify themselves to the Guardian II controllers on the site.  The easy-to-use Guardian II software allows the administrator to specify which controllers users have access to, while restricting them from other controller/areas.  The administrator can also choose to only allow a user access to a controller on certain days, times of day, future dates, or for a set number of times.  See the learn what you can do with Guardian II section for a complete outline of capabilities for the powerful Guardian II system.

Typical Applications in Commercial Facilities:

  • Facility DoorsExecutive Offices
  • Executive Offices
  • Server Rooms
  • Document/Records Rooms
  • Stock Rooms
  • Supply Cabinets
  • Maintenance Rooms
  • Tool Cribs