How the Guardian II system works

It is simple to get started with the Guardian II system:

  • One admin kit  (software & G2 programmer) per site
  • One controller for each door/access point to control
  • One user key for each user of the system (for identification)

Watch Video: “How the Guardian II system works

The Guardian II is a true stand-alone access control system.  The controllers store all set-up and audit trail information in their memory and do not require connection to a network or a central controller of any kind.

All decisions are made by the access controller at the point of entry.  Controller configurations are set up in the Guardian II software application which can be run on any Windows® PC whether or not it is connected to a network.  All set-up information is transferred between the software application and the controller(s) via an admin key (programmed with the G2 programmer).  Simply turn the key and you are done!

Each user carries a copy-proof user key to identify themselves to the system.  Users are granted or denied access based on the rights assigned to the controller and/or their user key (programmed via the G2 programmer).  Access can be controlled based on individual, access point, day, time, group, and more.

A record of controller events (accepted or denied access with time and date stamp) is also stored in the access controller’s memory.  When audit-trail details are desired, simply insert and turn an export key in the controller(s) and carry it back to the G2 programmer (connected to the admin PC) for easy uploading to the Guardian II software.  The Guardian II software comes standard with a full list of available reports for audit trail evaluation as well as the ability to transfer the audit trail data to an external file.

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