Industrial Plants

Industrial Gate AccessThe Guardian II is a perfect fit for a variety of installations within Industrial Plants.  From the entrance gate to supply rooms the Guardian II fits the bill.  All access points can be controlled from a single admin kit making expansion in the future easy as well.  The ability to easily “block” lost or stolen keys or reprogram existing keys make the Guardian II inexpensive in high turnover areas.  Unlike PINs that are often shared or mechanical key-sets which can be copied and that become security risks when a key is lost or stolen – the Guardian II allows you to keep security at a maximum, while minimizing cost.  The audit trail feature of the Guardian II allows the administrator to monitor who gained access to an area and when – or who tried (and failed).

With no network wires of any kind needed, the Guardian II is a good fit for remote locations such as entrance gates as well.  Simply apply power (9-12 Vdc/Vac) and connect the Guardian II’s relay output to an electric strike, magnetic lock, or other lock mechanism.

Control and know who really has access to secure areas!

Each user of the system is issued an electronic user key that fits on their key-chain and that identifies themselves to each Guardian II controller on the site.  The system is easily set up to allow the user access to some controllers/areas while restricting them from other controller/areas.  The system can also be set up to only allow access to that user on certain days, times of day, future dates, number of uses, etc.  See the Learn what you can do with Guardian II section for a complete outline of capabilities for this simple, powerful, and affordable access control system.

Typical Applications in Industrial Plants:

  • Entrance Gates
  • Supply Rooms
  • Secure Areas
  • More