Learn what you can do with Guardian II

The Guardian II access control system is not only simple to install, simple to use, and affordable - it is also very powerful.  The Guardian II system is a feature-rich solution that offers superior flexibility and capability in comparison to most other options on the market – all at a lower cost.

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Control access based on user ID, access point, day, time, group, & more.

  • Admission Controllers - select specific users to be admitted, denying access to all others
  • Restriction Controllers - grant access to all users, except those added to the restriction list
  • Time - only give access rights between set dates/times (a great feature for rental properties)
    Door Access Key

    "Instant Access" offers a quick way to grant entry to a specific user to one or more access points--without having to first update the controller(s)

  • Groups - set identical access rights to a number of people quickly by creating a group
  • Schedules (i.e. shifts) – only give rights on certain days and at certain times
  • Instant Access- validates new user key instantly, without having to first program the controller(s)
    Limit Use – set the number of uses a key is valid for
  • Dual Access  – requires two valid user keys for entry
  • Passage Access – “latches” door open/closed
  • Harvest - easily make lost or stolen keys useless
  • Master key options
  • Active On – timed access while valid key inserted
  • Auto Unlock – based on time/date/holiday
  • Much more - don’t see your requirement?  Contact us to ask.

Complete audit trail and reporting capability – standard

Extensive reporting capabilities come standard with the Guardian II software

  • Records date, time, user key, and result for each attempted entry event
  • Each controller can store about 1500 events (on average)
  • Each user key records the last 15 events
  • Complete set of reports included with the Guardian II admin kit/software
  • Run standard reports based on access point, key types, events, users, etc.
  • Allows for exporting data to an external file for further evaluation