Other Applications

Doors, Gates, Fences, Locks, and More….

The Guardian II is ideal in a variety of applications including harsh environments and those where installing a wired or wireless network is not practical or where it is cost prohibitive.  Click here to Learn what you can do with Guardian II.
New applications are popping up daily for this simple, powerful, and affordable access control system.  Just a sampling of these are listed in the table below and outlined under the Applications Section above.  However, there are many more and we would like to hear from you on how you plan to use the Guardian II.  Contact us here to share!
 Commercial Buildings  Apartments Schools
  • Facility Doors
  • Executive Offices
  • Network Rooms
  • Document/Records Rooms
  • Stock Rooms
  • Supply Cabinets
  • Maintenance Rooms
  • Tool Cribs
  • Pool
  • Exercise Room
  • Party Room
  • Laundry Room
  • Shared Areas
  • Exercise Room
  • Admin Rooms
  • Supply Rooms
  • Music Rooms
  • Secure Areas
 Industrial Plants   Churches  Marinas
  • Entry Gates
  • Supply Rooms
  • Secure Areas
  • Supply Rooms
  • Music Rooms
  • Private Areas
  • Secure Areas
  • Dock/Slip Gates
Remote Buildings  Rental Properties
  •  Maintenance/Utility
  •  Building Access