The Guardian II system consists of three product groups: 

Controllers, Electronic Keys, and Admin Kit (Software & Key Programmer)

Learn how the Guardian II system works.

System Explanation

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The Guardian II line offers four different controller models to fit nearly any installation.  Controllers grant or deny access and switch a relay output (used to power an electric strike, magnetic lock, or other mechanism) if access is granted.  Controllers are updated via an admin key (no need to carry a PC or PDA to the controller) and do not require connection to a network, a PC, or a central controller.  Extensive audit trail information (showing time- and date-stamped access attempts and entry events) is also stored on each controller.  This information is easily downloadable via an export key. Guardian II controllers are fully re-programmable.  View controller options and further details here.

Electronic Keys
These rugged and reliable electronic memory keys are field proven to work reliably in harsh environments.  Guardian II user keys identify users within the system and are more secure than PIN codes, which can be easily shared or stolen.  The fully encrypted user keys are also more secure than mechanical keys, which are easily copied and are a security risk if lost.  Guardian II keys are are also far more rugged than typical access cards.  They conveniently fit on a key chain and survive exposure to dirt, dust, grease, moisture, extreme temperatures, electro-static discharges, and more.  All Guardian II user keys are re-programmable and can be “blocked” if lost–eliminating the need to ever “re-key” a lock.  Similar electronic memory keys are used for transferring data to/from the controller.  View more on key models and options here.

Administration Kit (Software & Programmer)
Easy-to-use Windows® software lets administrators manage access rights for all users and monitor usage.  Access rights can be granted based on a variety of criteria, including: user ID, user group, day, time, access point, and more.  All Guardian II keys are programmed and read using a G2 programmer, which connects to a Windows® PC via a standard USB cable (included with the admin kit).  The PC running the Guardian II administration software does not require any type of network to communicate with its controller(s).  All programming information is transferred to the controller(s) using a special admin key, which is included in the admin kit.  View further details on the Guardian II admin kit here.

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