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Guardian II Administrator Kit

The Guardian II admin kit provides system administrators with everything they need to configure and manage their Guardian II access control system.  The admin kit includes easy-to-use Windows® software, which lets administrators manage access rights for all users and monitor usage.  All keys are programmed with the G2 programmer (included in the admin kit), which is connected to the administrator’s PC via a standard USB cable.  Only one admin kit is needed per site, as it can control all access controllers and users.

Each admin kit includes:

  • One Guardian II software CD (software application, drivers, manuals, etc.)
  • One G2 programmer with USB cable
  • Five user keys (blue)
  • One admin key (gray)
  • One export key (black)

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries

Guardian II Admin Kit:
p/n: 702-0070-000


Price: $395.00

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