Schools & Churches

The Guardian II system is the ideal access control solution for a variety of applications within schools, churches and other similar facilities.  These facilities are often served by volunteers who change frequently.  Issuing a large number of mechanical keys to these volunteers is risky, as the keys are often hard to collect.

The Guardian II system solves this problem.  When a particular user is no longer authorized to access a secure area, the administrator simply updates the controller and that user’s key will no longer give them access, regardless of whether the key is physically collected.

The Guardian II access control system is ideal for rooms such as: libraries, music rooms, supply rooms, administrative offices, or any private or shared areas that hold valuables.  The Guardian II system provides much needed security and peace of mind, while still giving access to your volunteers/staff when they need it.  All door controllers can be configured using the Guardian II software, which can be installed on any Windows® PC.  The location of this PC is independent of the location of the controllers, as they are not physically networked.   Because there are no network or communication wires to run, the Guardian II system is an ideal choice for both new construction and for existing buildings.  Installation is as simple as applying power (9-12 Vdc/Vac) and connecting the Guardian II controller’s relay output to an electric strike, magnetic lock, or other lock mechanism.

Administrators will appreciate the audit trail feature of the Guardian II system.  It shows who gained access to an area and when–or who tried to gain access (and failed).

Protect your secure areas!

With the Guardian II access control system, each user is issued a rugged electronic memory key that fits on their key chain and that identifies themselves to each Guardian II controller on the site.  The system is easily set up to allow the user access to some controllers/areas while restricting them from other controller/areas.  The system can also be set up to only allow access to that user on certain days, times of day, future dates, number of uses, etc.  See the Learn what you can do with Guardian II page for a complete outline of capabilities for this simple, powerful, and affordable access control system.

Typical Access Control Applications in Schools & Churches:

  • Supply Rooms
  • Libraries
  • Music Rooms
  • Private Areas
  • Shared Areas